Margarita Catalina Holguin de la Cueva, born in Lima, Peru ( South America ) on 12 April 1964, her father José Hernán Rojas Holguin was the occupation of the Attorney General assigned to the judiciary and seizure, her mother, Margarita de la Cueva, the Holguin was a woman devoted to home , the union of the Roman Catholic sacramental marriage of her parents, was conducted by the Bishop Rivera Meza Buendia family, the mother , the family of her father from the north of peru, Arequipa and Trujillo, called the second capital of Peru.
Among the writers and professors, the Holguin family has had an affinity with classical music, was really applied in their daily lives, the family has still brought a piano from the city of Berlin ( Germany ), well before the First World War.
On behalf of the family of her mother, from the city of Cuzco, devoted to family jewels in the art of filigree gold. Margarita is also part of the extended family on her mother’s side of the famous singer Julio Iglesias. The love of singing was started very very young age ,

Mother: Margarita de la Cueva Holguin Father: José Hernán Rojas Holguin

according to her mother from the age of two years old.
Her first appearance was at the age of 11, to a large audience, a Spanish Catalan number, then the years passed, she received many compliments for her great talent in her voice.
And her childhood, she also danced a special northern dance, Baile Nacional Marinera.
After her primary and secondary education, Margarita began the studies of a Dental technician at the age of 15 years, then she follows her studies Dental surgeon at the University Federico Villarreal in Lima, Perú.
The passion of singing high notes, was a joy in her life, the years in Europe, she sang together with harpists and guitarists.

Una voce particulaire TROS

In 2004, her talent was recognized as recipient of a trophy in the classical music on the Dutch television ” Uma Voce Particolare ” program by singing a Spanish Zarzuela, the famous composer , Geronimo Jimenez ( La Boda de Luis Alonso ) she was named as the first Peruvian soprano in this competition, with the ease in classical singing with a lovely voice, known as a natural talent for the media in the Netherlands .
After several gigs in the Netherlands, she had the honor of singing as a soloist with Monte Verdi aria, for the inauguration of the new theater in the city of Almere, in the presence of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
Margarita has 32 presentations in the drama with comedic and dramatic vocals.
She has a large repertoire of classical music and South America.